About Us-Our Story


How it all started

Our Founder has always been on a mission to make a difference. However, signing petitions, speaking out and avoiding Companies just wasn't good enough-Yes, it kept her awake at night! She wanted something much bigger than that and to help people see what was happening in the world of Animal Testing and to help them make the change to Cruelty Free-Many people say you can't change the world, if we all thought like that what would get done?

We have all always been aware of animal testing and boycotted the Companies who allow this, but then as time went on we realised we hadn't been avoiding them at all. We realised just how sneaky Companies could be-Logo's were fake, Companies sold in China, they didn't test but 3rd parties did...and so it unraveled! That's when the light bulb went off-We needed something that made it simple for us to enjoy a Beauty Box but one we could trust & enjoy without any guilt whatsoever! Oh & to show these 'ugly' companies that it's beyond acceptable...and so the journey of The Cruelty Free Beauty Box began!

Our Aim

Some people aren't even aware of Animal Testing and like we all thought in our younger years 'As if anyone would actually do this for Cosmetics', others are like how we were, think they're doing the right thing but not realising how many key factors actually come under the bracket of 'Cruelty Free'. Having always had animals and knowing how gentle and trusting they can be-We wanted to speak up for them, we wouldn't want to be tested on would we? We wouldn't let our children or animals be sat in a lab and be tested on either? This one small step you make, may encourage others to do the same-Imagine the effect it could have if we all did it and boycotted all 'ugly' companies-They allow this to happen, knowing what goes on, all for what profit? You guys are the key to this stopping and for good. This one small step you make will help towards making a difference for animals allover the world-What a feeling hey? It's not just mice & rats that suffer from this it's all different types of animals-Dogs, Cats, Horses, Monkeys, Wildlife-The list sadly goes on... 

We can't wait to have you guys on board and together we can help put an end to animal testing.

Lots of Love 

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Team x